The Aoraki Cluster Uplift Society, or ACUS, is an organisation dedicated to educating people about Uplifts. The Research Center is at the heart of their free-range habitat – a place where people can visit and learn about Uplifts and the species they came from, as well as a safe space for the Uplifts themselves to grow and learn about the society they will one day be part of.

The ACUS Research Center is highly regarded for its pro-Uplift stance and its modern, humane methods. The Uplift Nil-Sterilisation Program run by Dr. Poppy (an Uplift Orangutan herself) is approaching a 70% success rate in Neo-Hominids, with strides made every year.

While the ACUS Directorate still retains the final say on which Uplifts may reproduce, a small faction within the ACUS has begun to lobby for freedom of reproduction among restored Uplifts, along with free access to the gene resequencing therapies the Nil-Sterilisation Program offers.

Dr. Poppy has remained surprisingly reticent about her stance on the matter.


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