Welcome to Sol Invictus.

Sol Invictus is the working title of the campaign I’m running for you, the player, using the Eclipse Phase game system. The current plans have the players worming their way into the seedy criminal underbelly of the Aoraki Cluster – an Argonaut station focused on energy production and furthering scientific research into Uplifts.

This website is an online tool I’ll be using to flesh out the details of the campaign world, keep records of characters and events in our sessions, and write a bunch of backstory and fluff you may never read. Feel free to explore at your leisure and to ask questions about anything you find.

Some of the text will be lifted directly from the Eclipse Phase sourcebooks, in an attempt to give you a single place to gather the information your Muse would find for you. If this site is used enough, I will begin to litter the pages with secrets that will only appear to specific players, and may give you the edge your character needs.

Have fun~!

Sol Invictus